LM Trac: Towards a sustainable future

The industry standard

LM-Trac: The sustainable machine for various applications. With diesel or electric drive, modular design and eco-friendly weed management solutions, LM-Trac meets the growing demand for versatile and green solutions for the future.

Weed control

LM-Trac offers efficient and effective solutions for environmentally friendly weed control.

Winter service

LM-Trac keeps streets, cycle paths and footpaths safe and passable with easy-to-assemble winter service equipment.

Green maintenance

Lawn mowing, clearing leaves or trimming hedges. An LM-Trac works efficiently, quickly and sustainably – ideal for public green spaces, parks and sports fields.


With a leaf blower, the LM Trac is a versatile machine for efficient cleaning in parks, streets or clearing waste after events.

Available in two types

At LM Trac, you choose between two powerful options: diesel or electric. The HVO-capable diesel version offers optimum performance and reliability. The electric variant is all about sustainability and silence combined with minimal emissions. Both versions guarantee the versatility and efficiency you would expect from LM Trac.

A sustainable and emission-free working day is what the LM Trac 287e stands for.

The HVO-capable diesel version guarantees reliable, powerful performance with proven technology.

Think of the environment

Make the green switch with LM-Trac – where sustainable weed brushing is the new norm.

Chemical pesticides?

Weed brushing is the future

LM-Trac is leading the future of weed management with innovative brush technology. We offer green and efficient solutions that spare the environment without sacrificing power and effectiveness. Our sustainable machines make weed brushing the new, responsible standard for public space maintenance.

De onkruidborstel van Pols,

Weed brushing

Weed brushing with LM-Trac is the future: an environmentally conscious choice that is both effective and responsible. By opting for weed brushing, you are choosing sustainable and responsible management of public spaces.

Why choose weed brushing

LM Trac 287e
Always available

Always reliable in use, whatever the weather conditions, thanks to the robust and versatile nature of LM Trac machines.

Immediately visible results

Experience instantly visible results, as weeds disappear effortlessly under LM Trac’s powerful approach.

High operating efficiency

With its versatile weed brush arm and easy operation, the LM Trac achieves maximum productivity and efficiency, significantly reducing the cost per square metre.

Ease of use

Thanks to its manoeuvrability and easy operation, the LM Trac ensures efficient and effortless performance with minimum effort.

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