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LM Trac

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LM Trac presents the 287, 287e and 387: multifunctional machines varying in drive and size.

LM Trac 287 met Fecalienzuiger
LM Trac 287
LM Trac 287e
LM Trac 287e
LM Trac
LM Trac 387

All the different implements

Flexibility in execution: various implements for multifunctional applications

Weed brush
Weed brush

Specially designed for effective weed removal on pavements, cycle paths and other paved surfaces, Pols’ weed brush is a favourite with contractors and municipalities. With LM-Trac’s adaptive brush pressure control and durable construction, it offers fast and efficient operation, characterised by low fuel consumption and minimal brush wear. Thus, it contributes to a clean and tidy environment without the need for chemical pesticides.

Leaf blower
Leaf blower

During the autumn period, the leaf blower is an indispensable implement for the LM-Trac. With its powerful airflow, this machine makes removing leaves from pavements, lawns and other surfaces effortless. With its ergonomic design and easy operation, the leaf blower is comfortable to use. Large outdoor areas are cleaned quickly and efficiently, greatly simplifying maintenance.

Sewage suction unit
Sewage suction unit

There are two types of sewage suction units from Pols specifically designed for effective and hygienic clean-up of dog faeces. Type I stands out with its powerful suction and a handy container for easy disposal, while Type II excels with a practical cistern for effortless emptying. Both models guarantee a clean environment in public exercise areas, parks and footpaths, turning the task of cleaning up faeces into a piece of cake.

Circular mower
Circular mower

The circular mower deck is a versatile implement compatible with the LM-Trac. Equipped with rotating blades, it delivers efficient and even cutting results. The mower deck adapts effortlessly to various cutting heights and terrains, ideal for maintaining verges and parks.

Flail mower deck
Flail mower deck

Müthing’s flail mower deck, compatible with the LM-Trac, guarantees powerful cutting performance and an optimal mowing pattern. The rotating flails mow and mulch even in dense areas. With its adjustable cutting height, solid construction and superior ground tracking, it offers a versatile and professional solution for various green maintenance tasks.

Roller broom
Roller broom

The Nesbo roller broom, compatible with the LM-Trac, efficiently removes dirt, leaves and snow from pavements. Easy to use, it offers quick and thorough cleaning, making outdoor spaces effortless to maintain.

Hedge trimmer
Hedge trimmer

The Wessex hedge trimmer, specifically compatible with the LM-Trac, offers a high-quality pruning solution. With its sharp mulching blades, it produces a fine residual product, making clean-up unnecessary. Characterised by its robust design and high cutting capacity, this trimmer guarantees fast and precise results, even in dense vegetation. Thus, green maintenance projects are carried out both efficiently and accurately.


During winter periods, the snowplough is an essential implement for the LM-Trac. Thanks to its robust construction with collision protection, the snowplough removes snow efficiently. Its adjustable angle ensures seamless adaptation to various surfaces. This keeps roads, paths and parking areas safe and accessible even under extreme winter conditions.

Salt spreader
Salt spreader

During winter conditions, the salt spreader proves its worth for the LM-Trac. Spreading salt efficiently and evenly on roads and paths becomes child’s play. Thanks to adjustable spreading width and dosage, the salt is accurately distributed, with a focus on safety.


Discover the benefits of the Pols Edger: a high-quality, durable and easy-to-use tool. With its rotating cutting disc for cutting from any angle, the option for both left-handed and right-handed use, and a telescopic arm for extra reach, this edger makes precise trimming of lawn edges easy and quick. Quick (dis)assembly thanks to the LM-Trac quick-change system significantly increases efficiency.

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One machine, countless options

The highlights

LM Trac tool carriers combine manoeuvrability, efficiency and cost effectiveness with an electric option.

LM Trac 287e
LM Trac 287e

Fully electric, quiet and zero emission. The LM Trac 287e is the new standard in the world of tool carriers. The machine is equipped with full electric drive for driving as well as for powering the implement.

LM Trac Wendbaar en licht
Agile and light

LM Trac’s smart design allows our machines to manoeuvre effortlessly in crowded and tight urban areas. This makes it the ideal choice for jobs where manoeuvrability and flexibility are essential.

Toonaangevende aandrijftechnologie
Leading drive technology

LM Trac uses a revolutionary brush pressure control that ensures optimum performance combined with low fuel consumption and minimal wear. Because you can do more with less fuel, this machine has the lowest cost per square metre in the market.

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Discover LM Trac’s advanced features

LM Trac 287

Technical details

Discover the technical aspects of LM Trac machines. Here you will find all the details that contribute to the reliability and efficiency of our machines.

48 HP
Soil pressure
1,16 kg per cm2
Implement connector
50 l/min by 200 bar
2-wheel hydrostatic drive
L: 2.680 mm -
W: 1.340 - H: 2.095 mm
Kerb weight
1450 kg
46 kWh
Soil pressure
1,4 kg per cm2
Implement connector
Power application up to 10 kW
100% electric
L: 2.680 mm -
W: 1.340 - H: 2.095 mm
Kerb weight
1750 kg
57 HP
Soil pressure
0,84 kg per cm2
Implement connector
60 l/min by 200 bar
4-wheel hydrostatic drive
L: 3.100 mm -
W: 1.370 - H: 1.980 mm
Kerb weight
1820 kg

Special features

Delve deeper into the distinctive features of LM trac that take both comfort and efficiency to the next level.

Gebruiksvriendelijke dashboard
User-friendly dashboard

Our intuitive controls, along with the versatile dashboard, are designed from the user’s perspective. All functions are within easy reach, making operating the machine effortless.

Ergonomische cabine
Ergonomic cab

The cab features a panoramic windscreen for optimal visibility and is also equipped with air conditioning and a comfortable driver’s seat.

Implement coupling

The ease with which implements can be coupled to the front of our LM Trac through the A-frame quick-change design highlights the machine’s versatility. This not only enables flexible deployment in various fields, but also allows for rapid switching between different tasks

LM Trac 287
Lease also possible


You can of course buy an LM Trac from us. We are also happy to advise you on possible leasing options. Whatever you need in order to meet your specific requirements and budget. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your situation.

Always accessible


At Pols, we guarantee excellent service. As an authorised importer of LM Trac, we proudly and professionally take on the full service and spare parts supply for these machines. We are ready to answer your questions and provide support to ensure your LM Trac is always in top condition.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I buy, rent or lease an LM Trac machine?

LM Trac machines are available for purchase or lease. For detailed information on these options, please feel free to contact us.

What are the available models and which is most suitable for my application?

Our range consists of the models LM Trac 287, LM Trac 287e and LM Trac 387. To determine the most suitable model for your specific application, we recommend you meet with one of our sales advisors for a personal consultation.

Which implements are compatible with LM Trac and which are best suited to my needs?

LM Trac machines are designed to be versatile and can be equipped with a wide range of implements, depending on your specific needs. The following implements are compatible with LM Trac machines:

Weed brush:

  • Application: Effective removal of weeds on paved surfaces such as pavements and cycle paths.
  • Advantages: Adaptive brush pressure control, low fuel consumption, and durable construction ensure efficiency and cost savings, while protecting the environment by avoiding chemical pesticides.

Leaf blower:

  • Application: Removal of leaves from various surfaces during autumn.
  • Advantages: Powerful airflow and ergonomic design ensure effortless and comfortable operation when cleaning large outdoor areas.

Sewage suction units (types I and II):

  • Application: Hygienic clean-up of dog faeces in public areas.
  • Advantages: Powerful suction and ease of use with handy discharge container or cistern for efficient and easy emptying.

Circular mower:

  • Application: General mowing, adaptable to different cutting heights and terrains.
  • Advantages: Rotating blades ensure efficient and even cutting results, ideal for park and roadside maintenance.

Flail mower deck:

  • Application: Mowing and mulching in dense areas.
  • Advantages: Adjustable cutting height, solid construction and superior ground tracking for versatile and professional green maintenance tasks.

Roller broom:

  • Application: Removal of dirt, leaves and snow from pavements.
  • Advantages: Easy to use, offers quick and thorough cleaning for effortless maintenance of outdoor spaces.

Hedge trimmer:

  • Application: Pruning with a fine residual product, making clean-up unnecessary.
  • Advantages: Robust design, sharp mulching blades and high cutting capacity ensure fast and precise results in dense vegetation.


  • Application: Snow removal during winter conditions.
  • Advantages: Robust construction with collision protection and adjustable angle for efficient snow removal from roads and paths.

Edge trimmer:

  • Application: Precise trimming of lawn edges along paths, flower beds and other borders.
  • Advantages: Ensures clean edges and maintains the aesthetics of lawns. Easy to use for an accurate finish.

Salt spreader:

  • Application: Spreading salt on roads and paths in winter.
  • Advantages: Adjustable spreading width and dosage for accurate distribution of salt, with a focus on safety.

For specific recommendations and advice on the best choice for your situation, we recommend contacting our sales advisors directly.

How can I get technical support for my LM Trac machine?
  • For technical support, our product specialist is available during office hours from 8:00 to 16:30 at +31 (0)6 1008 6346.
  • Outside office hours, we offer breakdown assistance on +31 (06) 1314 3984.

What are the warranty conditions and coverage for LM Trac machines?

When buying an LM Trac machine, you benefit from:

  • 1-year warranty on the machine.
  • 2-year warranty on the motor.


Every LM Trac machine comes with a solid warranty, so you can be assured of your investment:

  • Standard warranty: 1-year warranty on the machine, valid up to 1 year or 1,000 hours of use, whichever comes first.
  • Motor warranty: 2-year warranty on the motor.


At LM Trac, we strive to provide you with the highest quality and service. Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. However, it is important to stress that the warranty does not apply to:

  • Damages caused by accidents.
  • Normal wear.
  • Parts that wear normally such as clutch and brake linings, hoses, filters, bulbs, fuses, windscreens, V-belts, mirrors, wiper blades, oils, tyres, and batteries. These are outside the scope of the warranty.
  • Improper operation or maintenance not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Unauthorised adjustments or repairs carried out by unauthorised service centres, or the use of non-original parts.


We strongly recommend that you have your LM Trac machine serviced and maintained regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This helps to maximise the life and reliability of your machine.


Do you have questions about our warranty conditions, or need assistance with your LM Trac machine? If so, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are at your service to make sure you can enjoy the full quality and performance of our machines.

Is training available for operators to use the machine efficiently?

Comprehensive operator training is included with every delivery of an LM Trac machine. If you have any questions after delivery, we are ready to help you further.

Can I obtain spare parts and accessories for my LM Trac machine?

Spare parts and accessories are easy to order at parts.pols.nl/en.

How can I contact customer service for urgent questions or problems?
  • For urgent technical questions or problems, our product specialist can be reached at +31 (0)6 1008 6346 during office hours.
  • For help outside office hours, you can reach us at +31 (06) 1314 3984.

Want advice?

Together, we create the right LM Trac solution for your project. Contact us today for tailor-made advice.